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Very long Reflection (apologies in advance)

So I have been back in the land down under for two weeks now and have had some time to settle, catch up with family and friends and most importantly reflect on the massive two months Renee and I experienced.

I can not thank everyone who made the experience that much more special, safe to say Paramore fans / friends are super great (besides the ones that try to trip your hair out during the support act) and i love you all so much. Special mentions are needed to:

Dan thankyou (and your family) for taking us in for two nights, we loved chicago and loved meeting your amazing parents, definitely miss your mumma :P 
Dani thankyou for letting us crash at yours after boston and for making what i belive is the best breakfast i have ever tasted! mmm
Ross we are both so glad we got to meet another Paramore fan traveling almost as far as us for their favourite band!! you’re so awesome and i could listen to you speak all day :P hehe
Tony thanks for all your help over the whole two months, for your detailed travel tips and transport and company, was all good fun man :)
Kyle you were one of my favourites this trip, (sorry everyone else haha) you are such a good friend and person, thankyou for being so kind to us and making boston / new york so much fun! and thanks for not letting that maniac truck driver kill us hehe
pauline IM SORRY I DIDNT COME BACK!!! that hour we spent chatting about…. things ;) hehe was lovely, if i ever come back to boston we are having epic hangouts because i love you <3
Catie… oh catie catie haha I LOVE YOU. sorry. but i do. new york show was amazing and i am so glad we finally got to meet and hang out after so long, you are truely amazing and I definitely miss you the most :P hehe

and to everyone else who we spent the day with in line, had lunch with, showed us around we appreciated it so much and its so nice to know we have friends all over the states, definitely welcome at our (well mine) if you’re ever in AUS <3

now that I have just finished what sounded like a thankyou speech for an award i best be moving on. The past two months have truly been amazing, everyone back home thought that once i got this out of my system i would be able to somewhat move on from Paramore and start what they classify as ‘living in the real world’ well to them i apologise. This trip has just reinforced the reasons behind my love for paramore. They are the three people i truly, deeply and sincerely thank in this blog post. Their involvement, excitement and extreme kindness to us during the tour was overwhelming and something i never really expected. Justin said to a few girls in the line during the Atlanta show that he doesn’t see how we were’nt bored to tears yet, and to him we said NEVER. night after night watching your favourite band is something that will always give me that excited nervous butterfly feeling in the pit of my stomach. Every night they found a way to make me feel every emotion at once and i miss that feeling now that i am home. The Atlanta show, which i haven’t got around to writing about was that happiest but saddest point of the tour so bitter sweet; hayley got renee up (and Will made sure i got up too) for anklebiters just one last time which i was extremely grateful for as we got to thank them semi-properly for our experiences and involvement during the tour as anklebiters came to an end. 
After the tour we had a great three weeks site seeing and just winding down. I am so lucky I have such an amazing best friend and one that is pretty much a breeze to travel with (I miss you so much now we are home and can’t handle it). I can’t wait until the next Paramore Aus tour so we can do it all again, with the added bonus of all our aussie friends - i’m looking at you Nik Wylie you sexy beast you. Until then I will probably still annoy you all with long winded blog posts and pictures from the Spring Tour that i haven’t shared yet

Love you all

Lozzie <3

New York City

New york, New york, New York. to say everything I want about this place in one post would turn extremely long winded haha. so i’ll start with the show in this one.

We drove from Boston to New York with the coolest bunch; Dani, Kyle and Shannon. Was lots of fun, even though we slept most of the way ;) thankyou for getting us there safety kyle :)

To site see a little we walked from our hostel to the venue - roughly an hour and 20min. was worth it, even in the heat, we fell inlove with NYC right away, our kind of place. The line was huge when we arrived at 4.30pm. We were lucky enough to get another meet and greet after Sass missed out on the one in Salt Lake (so thankyou Paramore management for allowing that!). Finally finally got to meet Catie, I was very excited about this, girl you are amazing, i almost cried when I left you that night, ill be back to new york for sure :)


The meet and greet was held in the actual GA area of the venue which was kind of cool. Catie, Renee and Myself were front of line. Paramore came out, catie talked to them about the PFC situation, for everyone wondering they didnt even know that email was sent out, Taylor send he found out by fans “being very upset online” (obviously though they knew about the changes) and said it does suck and they were still having meetings etc about it. We chatted to Hayley and Taylor first. Taylor asked if I was okay in Boston - The Night Before i was totally mangled and squished and he saw and i gestured to him like “help” and he mouth “what” but didnt getting just made an awkward face expression haha - so was nice he rememebered, I explained to him that my legs and arms were in a million different places and was being squished by multiple people. Hayley complimented my orange nails which was flattering. We chatted a little bit about the tour and taylor said it warms his heart every time he see’s us in the crowd (he gestured to his heart and made an adorable facial expression), but its funny he wonders why were are always separated, told him we both basically just bolt for barrier and end up where we end up. Hayley was SO stoked on Renee’s My Heart tattoo she took a photo of it :). Jeremy Hi fived me “hey girl, whats up, how has the travel been treating ya”. We chatted about how its weird that tours go so fast but seem slow at the same time, he totally got what I meant and said it is strange how much work goes into the stage production, set lists etc and then you wake up and its over (YEP TOTALLY get that). We talked about how I should be taking my vitamins every day haha Hayley also said the weather change is always a massive factor of them getting sick, we said toronto weather sucked, she agreed. She said we should like NYC the day after the show because it would be hot “yeah you guys would like that” (Guess being aussie and all… ;) haha). Jeremy also then complimented Renee’s tattoo, we then chatted to him about getting tattoo’ed, glad we arent the only one’s who hate getting white done, he said he cringes every time, yes Jeremy we do too :P Kim then came over to cutely move him along because he takes so long, she said she wished she brought her electric fly swatter because he is too chatty, haha she’s so lovely. We then had our photos done and headed to barrier. Because they were running behind schedule they opened the doors while paramore were finishing the meet and greet photos, it was hilarious they were RIGHT THERE but everyone coming in was so worried about barrier they totally were oblivious to the band standing right there. They then snuck out without anyone fan girling in their direction.

The show was insane. Just overall mad mosh pit, crowd surfing, energy onstage - all of it. By the way to that crazy (for lack of a better word), childish girl who ripped my hair our because it was in your face, Paramore says no.

Poor taylor also fell and tore ligaments in his ankle, trooper grossly popped it back in but looked like he was in pain the rest of the set. Beautiful Catie finally got her chance on stage with the band, along with Scottish fan Ross. Was amazing seeing them up there.

After the show a bunch of us when to Shake Shack for some food and hangs, was so great having a big group coming together because of paramore (PFC represent always <3 )! I miss New York the most because of these people - so THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart for making new york one of my favourite shows, I love you all.

Lozzie <3


Heading into Chicago Renee and I were super excited. 
we were greeted by another paramore fan Dan, who was amazing and let us crash at his house, we can not thank him and his family enough for their hospitality, we had so much fun with you guys :)

First night we just hung around the mall near dan’s house, i bought a paramore belt from Hot topic, and some of my Kat von D perfume. We then headed over to the movie theatre to see Iron Man 3, it was okay, really long though. We then went back to Dan’s house, spooned his cat and fell asleep :P

Because the show was all seating we finally had the chance to hang out and see a city. Dan was our tour guide, we went to the House of Blues for lunch, which was super cool, Dan ordered a caesar salad and received three pieces of lettuce, great value for money… We then walked along the lake which was pretty, we ended up at the beach, it was cold but kind of cool to see a beach pretty much in the city, fairly different to beaches in Australia but still has the sand and water. From here we headed to The Bean, a giant silver bean - Much like the Malls Balls for all you South Aussies haha. Our last tourist stop was the Sears Tower, you can see the whole city and more from up there. I had a bit of Anxiety heading up the hundred stories in one minute but i survived. The city was gorgeous from that high up but almost looked fake! I also refused to go out onto the glass boxes, no thankyou.

Finally it was time to head to the venue, where dan would have his meet and greet and we would sit in a coffee shop watching the rain waiting for doors. We were lucky enough to have amazing seats, Renee and I were practically touching the stage, right on the side again near taylor, we cant decide if its creepy that we just happen to keep ending up right infront of him always haha. The surrounding people we talked to were lovely and all PFC fans which made me happy, was great meeting you all :)

Kitten was awesome, not as full on as usual i suppose because she didnt have a massive mosh pit to crowd surf over. After kitten I finally got to a merch table, I didnt buy paramore merch, personally not a fan. I did however buy all of kittens CD’s and my now favourite tee - that is also Kittens. Dan and I waited outside for a bit so we could meet Kitten, they were lovely and very humble. We ran back with 5 minutes to spare.

Hands down the best show yet. We had so much fun, i think because we had so much space to dance around it gave us alot more freedom. The band were crazy, you could tell hayley is back to 100% health and so happy about it. The band was basically on top of the first two rows, it was really cool seeing them THAT close up, with no barrier or restriction to them reaching out to their fans. The encore was my favourite part, when the confetti came down during Brick i just started spinning around in circles ting myself get covered in blue and yellow paper. It is one of the shows i got most hot and sweaty, which is funny because we had no one around us I just jumped around and acted like a total maniac the whole time.

Photo Credit - Renee Sass (Please dont take these photos)

The Set was the same as usual, they put renegade back in which made me happy.

So far Chicago has been my favourite place to visit AND my favourite show. Will definitely stick in my mind for a while

AND Dan we miss you so much D: thanks for being such an amazing friend.

Lozzie xo